Welcome to my small world

Painter and graphic designer, born and living in Paris.

My painting, as you can see, is a mix of urban scenes (Paris, New-York, Istanbul,...), lights, shadows, big 50's American cars, sky scrappers, Eiffel Tower, etc....

For that, I use mainly acrylic or casein painting on linen canvas.

Self-taught, I paint for 30 years and I exposed in several Parisian or south of France (Aix en Provence, Nice,...) galleries.

I do also graphic designs in Illustrator based on my paintings, photographs or my imagination.

They are available for sale as NFTs since recently in NFTs Marketplaces like Voice or Foundation.

If you need more information about my art work, drop me a mail at dom(at)dominiquemassot.fr or call me at +33 6 48 29 42 76.


New-York Gallery (click to enter)


Paris Gallery (click to enter)

100 mètres


Cuba and cars gallery (click to enter)



Saint-Germain gallery (click to enter)

Rambarde sur la terrasse


Istanbul gallery (click to enter)

Vapur Cay Pogaça


Miscellaneous gallery (click to enter)

Au café à Nice


For sale gallery (click to enter)

Street Chevrolet

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